13. 3. 2020

Dozens of medics apply to the General Teaching Hospital

In connection with the announcement of the state of emergency in the Czech Republic and the impending shortage of medical staff, the General Teaching Hospital is ready to use the assistance of students of medical faculties from next week. Under normal circumstances, medics are a common part of VFN practice in practice, and a few dozen are even employed in the positions of ambulances and nurses. At present, forty-five medics have volunteered for the VFN. The hospital also welcomes other interested parties. It accepts students from all faculties and grades and offers them an employment contract. In the first phase, the General Teaching Hospital envisages the use of medical students at the Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine (KARIM). Other candidates then deploy the hospital to other departments, such as II. internal clinic, IV. Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Pulmonary Medicine or III. internal clinic. Medics will not replace the work of nurses, but will be involved in various nursing and auxiliary work. They can help with hygienic care, ordering and serving food, bed linen, patient positioning, etc. They can also help in operating theaters. The scope of work depends on their level of education.

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