30. 11. 2020

Cannabis for medical purposes in the pharmacy VFN

The hospital pharmacy is newly preparing medical cannabis, both for vaporizer and for oral use.

After the test preparation, the transition to live operation is expected in January 2021. "The hospital pharmacy for the preparation of cannabis and other highly effective and toxic drugs is opening a new laboratory-preparation of so-called hazardous drugs, equipped with the necessary devices and equipment, especially with regard to the safety of pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants." explained the head of the hospital pharmacy PharmDr. Michal Janů, Ph.D.

Cannabis for medical use is legally available on the Czech market in the form of an individually prepared medicinal product dispensed in pharmacies and prescribed by a doctor with professional specialization under precisely defined conditions by a decree. It is used as a supportive treatment for serious diseases, such as chronic inconsolable pain, neuropathic pain, neurological diseases, multiple sclerosis, problems with cancer treatment and the treatment of HIV infection. In the Czech Republic, cannabis of the species Cannabis indica L. or Cannabis sativa L. with different content of active substances THC and CBD can be used for therapeutic purposes. Inhalation using a vaporizer is considered a safe use. In this case, the hemp or the air that flows around it is heated to a temperature of 170-200 ° C. The second, most common way of using cannabis is by oral administration. Cannabis convincingly increases the quality of life in many indicated patients and is usually very well tolerated.

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