18. 11. 2021

The gracious summer also applies to VFN debtors

Under the law of the so-called gracious summer, natural persons who have a debt to the state and other state organizations (including the VFN), which is enforced by a bailiff, have a chance to pay their debt in a simplified and especially significantly less costly way.

The legal regulation of the so-called gracious summer came into force on October 28, 2021. From this date, a three-month period runs, during which the debtor (debtor) can pay unpaid or otherwise defunct principal recovered in execution proceedings (or pay the remaining principal) and execution costs. is CZK 750 plus VAT (if the bailiff is a payer of value added tax). If the debtor (debtor) does so, the execution will be stopped and the bailiff will decide on exemption from the payment of all other recovered receivables exceeding the paid principal in the execution proceedings to the extent that they have not yet been satisfied. However, if the debtor does not pay his debt on the principal and costs of execution by 28 January 2022 at the latest, the execution will continue.

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