16. 8. 2019

Our doctors from II. IK won first place in MMČR

Our doctors from II. The internal clinics won a fantastic first place at the MMCR in the field triathlon relay race (500 m swimming, 25 km off-road cycling and 6 km run). Congratulations!

“In rainy weather, with great vigor (amplified by closed bets at AJIP last week), we plunged into the fight. Honza Pudil made a maximum of himself in cold water (16 ° C). Although he rated his performance rather as a struggle for life, he was on the excellent 7th place. He was well identifiable because everyone else at the head of the race wore neoprene. Milan Dusík took over the baton and disappeared in Chuchle Grove to come back in the 1st place among the relays and in the 4th place among all participants. For me it was mainly not to spoil. It turned out well, Elita Karlák J won and we enjoyed it a lot. ”MUDr. Veronika Šoulová

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