9. 3. 2023

Get your kidneys checked

World Kidney Day falls on March 9, 2023. Don't forget about prevention. Diseased kidneys do not hurt, which is why many patients do not know about their disease.

Do you know that the kidneys do not hurt, which is why many patients are completely unaware of their disease? Do you know that every tenth Czech has diseased kidneys? And do you know that you are entitled to their preventive examination? For example, as part of a comprehensive preventive check-up with a practitioner once every two years. Patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disorders are also entitled to a free preventive kidney examination every four years from the age of 50.

Warning signs of kidney disease include, for example, high blood pressure, swelling of the lower limbs, great fatigue, weight loss, or a change in the color and character of urine. Individuals who also have other associated diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases or some genetically determined diseases (e.g. polycystic kidney disease) suffer from kidney disease. Risk factors for the development of kidney disease include smoking, low birth weight or obesity in adulthood and some developmental defects of the urinary system.

Chronic kidney disease leads to loss of kidney function over a period of months to years and in most cases is progressive in nature. In order to prevent terminal kidney failure, including dialysis, and to slow down the progression, it is necessary to detect the disease in time, correctly diagnose it, and then treat it adequately.

Preventive examination of kidney disease is painless and takes only a few minutes. Unlike treatment. For the examination, a drop of blood from the finger, a urine sample, a pressure measurement and an evaluation of the general condition, including family history, are sufficient. An ultrasound will also help detect possible diseases, including tumors. Think about prevention and try to make it simple questionnaire. You can easily find out what other examinations you are entitled to with regard to your age and gender!


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