2. 4. 2020

The hospital is experiencing a huge wave of solidarity

Our hospital, doctors and healthcare professionals are now receiving truly unprecedented solidarity and support. Individuals, philanthropic associations and companies carry cloth cloths and other protective aids almost daily, as well as refreshments for employees. We would therefore like to thank everyone.

We received over a thousand respirators from CERVA GROUP from Jeneč u Prahy, which are already used by the Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine. For example, Švanda's theater or Dagmar Havlová, who made them with her dresser of the Vinohrady Theater and close collaborators, thought of us with cloth drapes. We also thank CLB Lam Cha Me, a non-profit Vietnamese organization. Vietnamese seamstresses from the ranks of students, mothers, shop assistants and restaurant owners made 2590 drapes for us.

In addition to protective equipment, our public thinks of the public with refreshments. An incredible supply of bottled water was brought to us by Mattoni. We got coffee from Mama Coffee and Tchiba, several varieties of mix drinks from Coca Cola, raw bars from Bombus energy, confectionery products from Elvira Djemileva, muesli delicacies from Mix it, snacks from Merck, nutricia pasties from PhDr. Petr Kopáček, a variety of wafers Mila from LDC, cider from the company Tátův sad or yogurt drinks Actimel from Danone. On behalf of our nurses and doctors, we also thank the Energy Doctors Initiative for energy packages and the Helping Nurses for Drinks, Sandwiches, or Cookies Society. Great food was prepared by Zdeněk Pohlreich, a network of Sklizeno and Košík.cz stores. Thanks also to Rohlik.cz and Fresh Point! We greatly appreciate your help. Thank you for your support!

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