18. 5. 2020

Do not postpone the examination to the doctor!

Concerns about coronavirus infection and anxiety about social isolation are the most common reasons for the dramatic decline in patients' surgeries..

Although the COVID-19 epidemic led to a reorganization of health care and short-term postponements of non-acute cases at the General Hospital, the hospital continued to address all acute cases and problems. Nevertheless, it turns out that many patients have gone through serious health problems. For fear of infection, for example, she has still postponed and is postponing the treatment of serious cancer. "Initially, the decline in patients was due to limited care during the epidemic. We are now functioning normally, we have full capacity, and yet the decline in the number of diseases detected is dramatic. Oncogynecological centers across the Czech Republic recorded sixty percent fewer patients with cancer compared to last year. The fact that patients do not come does not mean that the disease has disappeared. On the contrary. Unfortunately, they are not diagnosed in time. At the same time, the time when the disease is caught is crucial for a possible cure of the patient, " introduced by prof. MUDr. David Cibula, CSc., Head of the Oncogynecological Center of the General Hospital and the First Medical Faculty of Charles University.

People should not hesitate in case of cardiac or other problems. "We have repeatedly witnessed that the patient's problems passed and came with irreversible complications of their illness. In cardiovascular diseases, any small delay can have serious consequences. In particular, for acute infarctions or strokes, every minute counts. " emphasized by prof. MUDr. Aleš Linhart, DrSc., FESC, Head II. internal clinics - Departments of Cardiology and Angiology, General Hospital and 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University.

According to doctors, the significant consequences of neglected care in the end of the epidemic will eventually become clear in the coming weeks and months. VFN is already operating in normal mode, has enough protective equipment, functioning hygienic regime, full condition of tested doctors and a sufficient number of beds. This is one of the reasons why experts from the General Hospital appeal to all those who, perhaps out of fear of the Covid-19 infection, postpone a visit to specialist outpatient clinics, despite obvious difficulties, not to be afraid and order an examination. More than anywhere else in medicine, early detection of the disease can significantly speed up treatment and contribute to complete recovery.

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