5. 1. 2024

New rules for visits to VFN

With regard to the worsening epidemiological situation in the occurrence of acute respiratory diseases, influenza and covid-19 diseases, with effect from 6 January 2024 new binding rules for visits to VFN inpatient wards have been established:

  • Only persons without signs of respiratory disease will be allowed to visit.
  • Visit she is required to wear a respiratory protection device for the entire duration of the visit (nose and mouth) without exhalation valve. At the same time, it is necessary to observe hand hygiene.
  • Visits are only allowed in the number of a maximum of 1-2 people per patient.

As the State Health Institute states on its website: The use of a respirator when visiting medical facilities or social service facilities should be a matter of course.

Vaccination, respirators, hand hygiene - the basis of protection against respiratory infections - SZÚ | Official website of the State Health Institute in Prague (szu.cz)

Visits are not prohibited for now. We will take such a measure in the event of further deterioration of the epidemiological situation that we are monitoring. You will be informed about this in time.


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