12. 6. 2020

The new thermal imager on SPIN will detect the risks of infection in time

The first thermal imager recording the current body temperature of incoming patients was installed by the VFN in building III. internal clinics before entering the Common Admission of Internally Ill (SPIN). Thanks to modern equipment, doctors and nurses can catch patients with fever or fever before coming into contact with other patients and medical staff. "SPIN patients must report to a telecommunications facility prior to entry. Incoming people with fever or other symptoms of a possible coronavirus infection are immediately taken to a prepared hygienic box by a doctor equipped with all protective equipment. This minimizes the risk of transmitting the infection to other patients in the waiting room and to other healthcare professionals in our department, " explained the chief physician of SPIN VFN and 1. LF UK MUDr. Jan Krupička, Ph.D. provided that physicians then examine the high-risk patient as standard, measure his or her basic vital signs, and perform a Covid-19 test. The results are available in a few hours. Based on their state of health, the hospital releases patients for home treatment and possible quarantine or hospitalizes them in isolation. "Thanks to thermal imagers, we can also detect patients with other infections in time, such as respiratory infections, which I have long perceived as their great advantage. We will always be able to take protective measures in a timely manner and prevent the further spread of the disease, " concludes by MUDr. Jan Krupička, Ph.D.

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