19. 5. 2020

New bed for transplant unit patients

The newest Eleganza 4 bed from the LINET brand was acquired for its patients by the 1st Internal Hematology Clinic of the General Hospital in Prague. His journey to the patients was not entirely common. The first prize was won by the head nurse of the 1st internal clinic of the General Hospital, Darja Hrabánková - Navrátilová at the Ball of Sisters 2020.

The winner knew without a hesitation how to handle the win. She donated a bed to her ward's patients. "It was an easy choice. Our patients, who are in serious condition after transplants or demanding treatment, deserve maximum comfort. The exhausting process of their treatment can be toxic to the body or can have a number of side effects. With their high quality, LINET beds make it easier for patients to spend a demanding stay at our clinic, " Darja Hrabánková explained the decision of her and the General University Hospital. The new bed provides not only comfort, but also greater safety for patients thanks to the side panels, which prevent falls even when using high anti-decubitus mattresses. Sensors integrated in the loading area monitor the patient's movement on the bed or leaving the bed. A highly effective preventive measure is the i-Brake automatic brake, which eliminates injuries associated with an unbraked bed. The bed is compatible with the intelligent SafetyMonitor system, which monitors all safety settings of the bed.

Together with LINET's business manager Filip Těšitel, the head handover was attended by the head nurse Darja Hrabánková and the deputy for non-medical health professions Mgr. Dita Svobodová, Ph.D., MHA.

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