6. 12. 2023

New robotic center in urology

Robotic surgery is a necessary part of the portfolio of a modern urological workplace. The newly opened robotics center equipped with the da Vinci robotic system for almost 80 million crowns and an operating table worth over three million crowns meets these requirements. The equipment was financed with the help of the European REACT-EU program.
The robotic system is used for operations that were previously performed laparoscopically. The current trend in urological operatives, and in general operatives as a whole, is towards mini-invasive approaches. Facilities that choose these methods are more attractive to patients and their referring physicians. "We have to follow the current modern approaches in order to keep up with the times, to operate the patient more gently, and at the same time with the same quality, and if necessary, he found his way to our workplace." prof. MD Viktor Soukup, Ph.D., head of the Urology Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, UK and VFN.

Benefits for both the patient and the operator
"Robotic-assisted procedures bring higher precision and the associated less demanding operation for the patient," emphasizes Professor Soukup. The patient has less pain after the procedure, there are fewer complications, his stay in the hospital is shorter and the recovery time is also accelerated. It then brings an advantage to the operator in greater precision in the movement of tools, elimination of hand tremors and enlargement of the image, which is also in 3D. "Overall, it leads to significantly more accurate and gentle work with tissues. The ergonomics of the operation is also an inherent advantage, as the operator can sit comfortably and lean back at the robotic console, while, for example, classic laparoscopic surgery is significantly more physically demanding." explains MUDr. Vojtěch Fiala, FEBU, specialist
from the Urological Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, UK and VFN.

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