2. 9. 2019

We manage panic and stress

Stress situations naturally belong to the hospital environment. On Wednesday, August 28, 2019, however, part of the staff experienced an extraordinary nerve strain when an armed attacker appeared in the building. The Police of the Czech Republic intervened on the spot and the whole incident was reminiscent of the situation from the action film. Fortunately, everything was just "like" and completely in the diction of the training professionals. In the framework of the “Crisis Situations, Armed Attacker” campaign, they tested the ability to cope with stressful situations of 16 medical personnel. And how did we do? In the hospital, we save lives every day, and so we managed this emergency as well. We are glad that we could participate. Due attention must be paid to the protection of soft targets, which include hospitals. The event was financed under the grant program of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic to increase protection of soft targets in the health sector.

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