26. 10. 2020

Beware of fraudulent reports of the test result for COVID-19

Hacker attacks on hospitals and other medical facilities are increasing. Our hospital is no exception. We solve the whole situation in cooperation with the National Office for Cyber and Information Security.

You may have already received an SMS or e-mail with the result of the test for COVID-19, even though you were not at the tests at all. This is false and falsified information that harms the people being tested and scares those who haven't even been tested. The only correct procedure if you go for tests on COVID-19 is: before the examination you fill in the questionnaire, state your phone number and you will receive an SMS message about the result in the form of an SMS within a few hours (up to 48 after sampling). It will contain your name and result: NEGATIVE / POSITIVE. Any other news is fictional. Therefore, we would like to warn all those who are tested for COVID-19 in our collection center to be careful and to follow the information and instructions given to them at the collection point on how they will be informed about the test result and do not react to anything else. 

Example of correct and verified sms here: 


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