14. 2. 2023

We remembered the victims of the bombing

On Ash Wednesday, due to bad weather and a radar failure, American planes lost their course aimed at Dresden, Germany, which was being systematically bombarded at the time. She found herself over the center of Prague and on February 14, 1945 she dropped 152 tons of bombs on the Czech capital. The fatal raid claimed more than 700 lives and nearly 1,200 wounded. Among the most affected areas of the city was Prague 2. On Charles Square, the Faust House, the building of the 3rd internal clinic of the VFN and the anti-aircraft shelter in the middle of the square were hit. Over a hundred Praguers perished in it.

On the day of the 78th anniversary, VFN Director David Feltl, Minister of Defense Jana Černochová and Mayor of Prague 2 Municipal District Alexandra Udženija honored the memory of the deceased at the memorial plaque on the VFN building, which was donated to the hospital by the Prague 2 Municipal District.


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