16. 6. 2023

The first data from the unique VFN questionnaire

From the answers of three thousand respondents who filled out an online questionnaire, it is clear that most people do not know what preventive examinations they are entitled to.

Today, our hospital published the first data from the unique Year of Prevention questionnaire survey. Of the nearly 3,000 respondents who filled out a simple online questionnaire in less than four months regarding the knowledge and use of preventive examinations, they are mostly women who are trying to take care of their health and that of their entire family. The biggest motivation for visiting a doctor is oncological disease in parents or grandparents!
Tens of thousands of new cancer cases increase every year in the Czech Republic, we rank four percent above the European Union average and we are in 9th place in the number of deaths from malignant diseases. Overall, one tenth more people die from cancer in our country than is common in the EU. We still encounter significant health illiteracy in the population, so it is necessary to continue to spread awareness about the possibility of prevention and lifestyle changes. Smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity mean that the average Czech gets sick at the age of 61 and spends 17 years of his life in the disease, while the average Swede gets sick 9 years later and spends only 12 years in the disease.
These arguments were the reason why specialists from the General University Hospital prepared a simple online questionnaire as part of the Year of Prevention project. Its goal is to increase interest in one's own health and preventive care. "Only early detection of malignant growth gives patients a chance for a better prognosis and course of treatment. This applies to all diagnoses in general, especially for oncology, because we are really playing for time," states oncologist and VFN director prof. MD David Feltl, Ph.D., MBA, adds: "Another bonus of preventive programs and examinations are the economic aspects. Prevention is far cheaper than subsequent long-term treatment. That is why we are constantly trying to educate and convince the public to take an interest in and take care of their health. Regular preventive check-ups paid for by general health insurance are the easiest way."

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