20. 8. 2020

The power of human solidarity and social networks

It's great that the public is hearing the calls and new blood donors are spontaneously reporting!

Long-term problems with a lack of blood are solved not only by our hospitals, but by most collection points throughout the country. All the more pleasing is the fact that the public is aware of the seriousness of the situation and people are responding spontaneously to challenges in the media and on social networks. This is evidenced by the increased interest in blood donation and ordinary human solidarity. New applicants apply individually and in teams. The last time employees of the Prague 2 district came to support "their" hospital together with the mayor Jana Černochová. It was the premiere for many of the more than thirty donors, and the director of the hospital, David Feltl, came to thank them for their determination. "Helping our neighbors is our own. They proved it already during the pandemic and I am very happy that they continue selflessly, “commented Jana Černochová, who commented on the blood itself regularly, commenting on the approach of her colleagues. The new donors were also gladly welcomed by the head of the Faculty Transfusion Department, MUDr. Daniela Dušková with the words: “Every drop of blood counts. We thank the donors from the "two" very much and we look forward to meeting them regularly at the transfusion department! "

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