25. 1. 2022

SPIN has been a separate department since January

The new SPIN department remains part of the Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care. Primář MUDr. Jan Krupička, a cardiologist and intensivist, has been involved in its management as a chief physician since 2020. He knows the work and functioning of the department and the entire team very well. What would he like to change, improve and what works in the department in the future? What are his plans and visions?

"It simply came to our notice then. Simply put, I would like to improve communication with the emergency services, increase the investigative capacity and the passability of the departments, " it is clear MUDr. Jan Krupička and adds: "An understandable condition is also the provision of sufficient staff. Minor improvements should also be made to make patients' stay at SPIN more pleasant or to increase their privacy. I would like to initiate negotiations regarding the reopening of the Medical Emergency Service in Prague 2 and its eventual relocation to the hospital premises. I firmly hope that the willingness and commitment of the staff of the department, which were sometimes extreme during the covid waves and provided great support for me, will last. I would also like to continue to work very well with other hospital departments, not only with in-house clinics. ” And how does he see his department in 10 years? "If everything goes according to plan, my department will be in the new premises of the emergency internal reception in the renovated pavilion A7 in 10 years. This promises not only more space and capacity to receive patients, better liaison with the investigative complement and other departments, but also a more dignified background for staff. " 

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