26. 9. 2022

Urology Week starts!

Blood in the urine is a symptom that can be associated with serious oncological diseases. Early diagnosis in this case can improve the prognosis. The presence of blood in the urine is the focus of this year's Urological Week of the European Urological Society, which starts on September 26. Doctors from the VFN Urology Clinic and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK emphasize that all patients with blood in their urine should not hesitate to undergo a professional examination, and the sooner the better.

Blood in the urine that is visible to the naked eye can signal bladder cancer, to a lesser extent kidney, upper urinary tract and prostate cancer. In every fifth patient that we examine for the presence of blood in the urine, our doctors detect a bladder tumor. Men, smokers, and people over the age of 45 are especially at risk. Early diagnosis is essential in the case of bladder cancer, the earlier it is found, the better the prognosis. Half of all bladder tumors are related to smoking, and the risk of developing bladder tumors is four times higher in smokers than in the general population. Through the Urology Week, doctors want to appeal to people not to underestimate the warning signs and to get examined.

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