5. 4. 2023

Walking 6,000 steps a day is often an unattainable goal

A third of the population does not actively move, a quarter of adults smoke. However, a proper lifestyle change can improve your health in as little as two weeks!

More and more people in the Czech Republic have a chance to live to a great age. However, it is less likely to live through it in adequate physical and mental condition. The reasons are quite clear: we don't exercise much, a quarter of adults smoke, up to 60% of the population is overweight and we rank third in Europe in terms of alcohol consumption. According to the doctors of the General University Hospital in Prague, a proper lifestyle change can affect our health in just one to two weeks! And you can start this Friday, April 7, which is World Health Day every year.

The principles of a healthy lifestyle are neither new nor complicated. Practically everyone knows that smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, a high-calorie diet with an excessive content of animal fats and sugars shorten our lives. World Health Day is an opportunity for each of us to try to do something for our body. "Every move counts. I'm not talking about playing sports, but about regular physical activity. A typical example is walking. The seemingly simple recommendation to walk at least six thousand steps a day is for many people an absolutely unattainable goal," says Prof. MD Michal Vrablík, Ph.D., Deputy Head III. internal clinics - endocrinology and metabolism VFN and 1st Faculty of Medicine UK.

Another generally known advice is to limit excess calories, animal fats and sugars in the daily intake. "It is necessary to limit the amount of carbohydrates, especially naturally sweet foods. The age at which type 2 diabetes appears is decreasing. Most myocardial infarctions now affect patients of working age," warns prof. MD Michal Vrablik. A healthy lifestyle does not include alcohol and cigarettes. "We hold an unflattering third place among European countries in alcohol consumption per capita, around 25 percent of the adult population smokes," says Prof. Sparrow, stating that the complete eradication of smoking would improve the health of the population more than the sum of all previous measures combined.

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