13. 12. 2023

At VFN, we offer full urological care for children

Specialists from the Urology Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK and VFN perform complete reconstructive surgery for congenital developmental defects in children as young as one year of age.

They are dedicated to solving highly serious congenital defects of the genitals of both boys and girls, and are pioneers in the field of fertility development in adolescent boys. Annually, more than 500 children with various urological problems are operated on at this workplace (in 2022, there were 538 operations, of which 79 were performed laparoscopically). The Urology Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK and VFN is the only institution in the Czech Republic with ESPU (European Society of Pediatric Urology) accreditation for highly specialized training of doctors in the field of pediatric urology. "In addition to oncological issues - at our clinic we only deal with testicular tumors in children and adolescents - we provide care in the entire breadth of pediatric urology," explains MUDr. Josef Sedláček FEBU, FEAPU, chief physician of the Department of Pediatric Urology and calculates: "That is, from functional problems, which are developmental and acquired disorders of the function of the lower urinary tract through the complete issue of reconstruction and treatment of congenital developmental defects of the kidneys, upper and lower urinary tract. Including birth defects of the genitalia of boys and girls.'

Reconstructive surgery for congenital defects of the male genitalia

Children's nephrologists, pediatricians and other specialists turn to the pediatric urology department with complicated cases that require comprehensive care. Typical issues dealt with by this department are laparoscopic operations for congenital defects of the upper urinary tract (hydronephrosis – enlargement of the pelvis and calices of the kidney, the cause of which is difficult urine outflow; double anomalies, reflux...), even in the smallest children, i.e. over one year of age age. They specialize in laparoscopic operations for varicocele – enlargement of the veins of the testicle, which causes pain, infertility and a drop in the level of male hormones, cryptorchidism (undescended testicle) and reconstructive surgery for congenital defects of the male genitalia – hypospadias. "As one of the few workplaces in the country, we primarily deal with severe forms of proximal hypospadias, which often excludes its wearers from sexual life without reconstruction," points out MUDr. Peasant. The specialized care of this center also includes the issue of genital reconstruction in complicated cases of sexual development disorders.

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