2. 6. 2020

VFN will work with young architects

International school students, foreign professors, architectural workshops, photography exhibitions and lots of ideas and inspiration on how to build and develop a hospital complex in a modern way - this is what the cooperation of the General University Hospital in Prague with the ARCHIP International University of Architecture will look like. "Medical facilities are an interesting but at the same time very neglected topic for architects. Until 1989, hospitals did not get into open architectural competitions at all. And unfortunately it can be seen many times. Our hospital is more or less a small town in a UNESCO protected city. We have no architectural or urban background. We operate in spaces from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, while offering patients top-notch high-tech medicine, which can be an extremely attractive connection for architects. ” said VFN director David Feltl, adding that VFN will not carry out student work, but they can be an interesting basis for what to expect from a possible architectural competition, or an example of how architecture students think about the campus, pavilions and connecting the hospital with the rest of the city.

For more information, see press release.


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