16. 9. 2020

VFN expects modernization for eight billion

"The goal of the general development of the hospital is primarily timelessness. All planned steps and investments should be functional and logical. Given that the facility offering state-of-the-art medicine was last built in 1976, modernization is really necessary. ” said the director of VFN prof. MUDr. David Feltl, Ph.D., MBA, with the proviso that he wants to use the state budget and European funds for financing.

One of the most expensive projects is the construction of two new monoblocks. The first will replace the current ENT building by 2027, which is already in unsatisfactory condition today. In addition to ENT and biochemistry, the Faculty Transfusion Department from Zbraslav and internal emergency admission will also find a place here. The architectural competition for the new pavilion is already to include the development of the adjacent area, where a second monoblock with the centralized care of clinics outside the main area of the hospital will be created. For example, neurology from Kateřinská Street, urology from Ke Karlovu Street, the internal department from Strahov or the Karlov Children's Complex should be moved to it.

VFN also wants to invest in the centralization of one of the largest and most traditional clinics, namely the Clinic of Addictology. Within three years, it will build a children's detoxification center for the acute treatment of children and adolescents addicted to psychotropic substances. The attic of the building will then provide a hospital for adult patients. The Psychiatric Clinic will also undergo a general reconstruction, and the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics is also awaiting modernization.

For more information, see press release.

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