26. 5. 2020

VFN offers a unique Cannulation Center

The KARIM VFN cannulation center has been caring for patients of all ages and various diagnoses who need long-term intravenous treatment since 2016.

The largest group of clients of the center are oncology patients who need regular and long-term chemotherapy. Due to the high level of treatment of these diseases, patients receive regular therapy for many years, usually five or more. "They need a long-term solution that will enable them to administer medication safely and at the same time give them the highest possible comfort and convenience, even during demanding treatment. The same is true for other groups of patients. In our care, there are people on biological treatment, patients with cardiovascular diagnoses, especially with pulmonary hypertension, people with metabolic disorders who can not eat normally, only intravenously, hematological patients. " calculated by the head physician of the center, prof. MUDr. Pavel Michálek, Ph.D., DESA, M.Sc., who has been performing these services since 2002. First in the Homolka Hospital and then in Great Britain.

The top is a fully implanted port
Permanent venous accesses prevent damage to the venous system of patients who are long-term dependent, in many cases for life, on intravenous treatment. They are gentle and prevent a number of complications that have accompanied repeated drug injections. The type of venous access is chosen mainly according to the length of treatment. Medium-term inputs are suitable for the administration of nutrition and repeated treatment with antibiotics, for example in the treatment of Lyme disease. They are introduced from a deep vein in the periphery of the hand or foot under ultrasound control for 3 to 6 months. The tube is relatively long and leads to the chest area. The long-term entrance is fully tunneled central venous catheters led from the neck or chest to the heart and brought to the surface of the body. These are used primarily for nutrition, hydration, medication and blood collection. "Closed fully implanted ports are the pinnacle of cannulation technology. In these, the tube is also inserted by injection and then surgically connected to a highly hardened plastic chamber. The chamber is surgically placed under the skin and the inlet with a special needle is inserted only at the moment of drug application. It is mainly introduced to oncology patients. Our record holder is proof of their durability and comfort of use, " says prof. Michálek and adds: "He has been living with the port for more than 10 years, working, playing sports, going to the sea. Ports account for about half of nearly a thousand of all medium-term and long-term venous accesses introduced each year. ” 

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