26. 10. 2020

VFN helps injured civilians from Belarus

Since September this year, our hospital has been providing care to injured civilians from Belarus as part of the MEDEVAC health and humanitarian program. 

Our doctors are mainly in charge of their initial examinations and set up another examination and treatment plan. Injured civilians are dominated by concussions, neurological problems and hearing loss. "We also treated multiple injuries to the lower limbs caused by the explosion of a flash grenade in close proximity and injuries with rubber bullets. All nurses also need significant psychological support, which we also provide within the MEDEVAC program, "said MUDr. Jan Bříza, CSc., MBA, physician specialist in the field of surgery from the 1st Surgical Clinic of the General Hospital.

VFN has been participating in the MEDEVAC program of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic for a long time. Through it, local medics have already provided care for injured civilians from Libya or Ukraine. In addition, the VFN has repeatedly sent surgical and ophthalmological teams to areas in conflict with large numbers of refugees, such as Jordan, Iraq and Senegal.

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