26. 3. 2024

VFN expands psychiatric care for juveniles

Caring for mentally ill children and adolescents currently requires further capacity building in psychiatric care and the involvement of modern approaches in treatment. Thanks to the implementation of the project "Educational Therapeutic Center VFN" at the Psychiatric Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK and VFN, we can offer better outpatient care, better education for people caring for children and adolescents with psychological problems, as well as a motivating environment in a day care center and two unique therapeutic gardens. The project for adolescents for more than 14.5 million crowns is financed from EEA Funds 2014-2021.

Currently, the Center for Adolescent and Developmental Psychiatry at the Psychiatric Clinic primarily provides a day therapy program within the Day Station for Adolescents, which is a unique facility for the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent mental disorders. A multidisciplinary team of experts consisting not only of psychiatrists and psychologists, but also social workers, pedagogues, addiction specialists, general psychiatric nurses, nutritional therapists, occupational therapists and others is dedicated to the treatment of many disorders during adolescence.
"Thanks to an expanded team of health professionals and a multidisciplinary approach, we were able to adapt the program to the individual needs of adolescents and fulfilled the goals of the offered activation programs, such as restoring, maintaining and improving social relationships, improving performance, increasing self-confidence and improving the psychological state of clients", highlights the successes of the therapy MUDr. Eva Kitzlerová, Ph.D., head of the Psychiatric Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, UK and VFN, with the fact that during the implementation of the project "Educational Therapy Center of the VFN" there was an expansion of the day care program and the opening of a group for adolescents with eating disorders.

You can find out more in the attached press release.

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