8. 6. 2022

Rescue of patients with poisoning

The Toxicological Information Center (TIS) is the only one in the Czech Republic to supply the whole country with drugs, antidotes, antisera, antituberculosis drugs, antiparasitics or antiinfectives in case of suspected poisoning.

"The fire brigade identified a toxic substance on the spot and our doctor Hana Farná immediately prepared and issued the necessary antidotes on the acute line for suspected cyanide-like intoxication, namely acrylonitrile." explains MUDr. Kateřina Kotíková, Ph.D., Head of the Toxicological Information Center of the General Hospital and adds: "Patients most often complained of shortness of breath and scratches in the throat, so she also provided healthcare professionals with the necessary information about the symptoms and treatment of poisoning." In such a case, the antidote must be filed as soon as possible, and therefore the rescue service for the prepared drugs sent a helicopter to the General University Hospital in Prague in the evening.

The Toxicological Information Center (TIS) has been in operation at the Department of Occupational Medicine of the General Hospital and the First Medical Faculty of Charles University since 1963. Since then, it has been providing nationwide toxicological consultations to medical facilities and lay people. The center also operates a crisis toxicology line for acute poisoning on a 24/7 basis and in 2021 provided a total of 23,500 consultations. The most frequent consultations remain drug poisoning (approximately 38%), as well as cleaning agents with irritating and corrosive substances or other commercial products, including disinfectants. The most common route of entry into the body, in a total of 72% of cases, is long-term ingestion. Of all the cases consulted, over 58% concerned accidents, overdoses or poisonings of children under 15 years of age.  


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