4. 8. 2022

Do you know the Patient Advisor brochure?

In the Patient Guide on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, you can find, for example, patient rights, important contacts, information about outpatient care, hospital stay, prescriptions or preventive examinations.

The most recent edition, the fourth edition from 2020, mainly mentions the modifications and changes that have taken place in the field of handling personal data of patients and legal representatives, training of nurses, prescribing and dispensing of medicines, end-of-life care and many others. The chapters dealing with the medical transport service, food in the hospital, the rights of the child or the rights of persons with disabilities have been expanded. Information about the spa's rehabilitation care and emergency services was also added.

More information, including electronic versions of the brochure in Czech, English and Ukrainian, can be found here:

The Patient Advisor is now also available in Ukrainian - Ministry of Health (mzcr.cz)

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