Psychologist in healthcare
| Ambulance for alcohol addiction, Addiction Clinic

Time: 0.5 (as part of pre-certification preparation)

Shift: one shift

Start date: immediately or by appointment


  • Conduct individual and group psychotherapy

  • Conduct psychological examinations

WHAT IS Awaiting You When You Join Our Team?

  • Facilities of a large university hospital in the center of Prague 
  • Work in a multidisciplinary ambulance team (psychiatrist, psychologists, addiction specialists, psychiatric nurse) with a target group of people addicted to legal and illegal addictive substances
  • Possibility of personal and professional growth and support of further education
  • Dynamically developing team of clinics outpatients
  • Background of a large and traditional clinical and research workplace
  • Stable and motivating salary 
  • 5 weeks of leave and 1 week of leave to secure personal affairs
  • Possibility of accommodation for outside Prague
  • Catering allowance in canteens or meal vouchers
  • MultiSport card
  • VFN preschool and suburban summer camps for employees' children
  • Interesting extracurricular activities - joint sports events and others


  • You have completed your university education in the field of single-subject psychology and the Psychologist in Healthcare course
  • You have min. started psychotherapy training
  • Industry experience preferred, but not required
  • You are working with PC at user level
  • An active approach to work and responsibility is not strange to you
  • You are able to work alone and in a team 
  • You want to learn new things and are flexible 
  • Can you prove us moral and civil integrity (pure criminal record)

Let us know and come to us with us! 

Prim. Sage. Petr Popov, M.H.A

Phone: 224 968 224, E-mail:


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