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Complex care center for children with perinatal stress

Code: CZ0142
Status: Finished

Project title: Complex care center for children with perinatal stress

Project start date: 1. 3. 2009
Project completion date: 30. 4. 2011
Budget: EUR 832 792
Project guarantor (workplace): Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine VFN in Prague (KDDL)

Project brief:

The project is financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the General Teaching Hospital in Prague.

Objectives of the Complex Care Center Project:

The aim of the project is to build up the necessary space with adequate technical and personnel support, which is needed to start a comprehensive care program for children with perinatal stress. The background will be created thanks to the reconstruction of the existing unused premises of the VFN in Prague in the Karlov Children's Complex.

The project includes 3 basic areas:

  • reconstruction of a part of the building on the premises of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague (hereinafter referred to as VFN) and building the necessary space for diagnosis, rehabilitation and therapy in the framework of subsequent comprehensive care for children at risk;
  • equipping reconstructed areas with medical devices and equipment (instrumentation);
  • creating a multidisciplinary team of professionals and training them in new diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

The importance of the creation of the center is mainly to increase the quality and availability of multidisciplinary care provided by professionally trained specialists. Appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic approaches may prevent unwanted developmental deviations that affect these children to varying degrees. By early recognizing these deviations from normal somatic, neurosensory, psychological and behavioral development, these disabilities can be minimized, prevented or mitigated by a lifelong handicap. Comprehensive care at the center will help to overcome difficult periods for children and their families, which can be difficult to manage without assistance. At the same time, it will contribute to improving the quality of life of these children and, in the future, their better integration into society.

Supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

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