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Drug prevention

Code: B / CZ0046 / 1/0011
Status: Finished

Project title: Research and training fellowship of CA and Norwegian institutions dealing with primary and secondary drug abuse among adolescents and young adults

Project start date: 1. 9. 2008
Project completion date: 30. 11. 2008
Budget: 4790 EUR
Project guarantor (workplace): Center for Addictology of the Psychiatric Clinic of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague (

Project brief:

The project focused on the transfer of experience in the field of work with socially excluded families in the area of substance abuse prevention, especially among children and adolescents. As part of the project, a team of staff from the Center for Addictology undertook a short-term internship at two prestigious Norwegian organizations operating in the field (Phoenix Haga and Fossumkollektivet).

Traineeships were focused on the style of work these organizations provide for minors and young people and their families. The aim of the project is to gain knowledge about the program and the system of early intervention in families at risk, to enable the transfer of know-how in the field of primary prevention and early intervention from Norway to the conditions of the Czech Republic and to develop mutual cooperation between Czech and Norwegian organizations operating in this area.

The General Teaching Hospital accounts for 11.27% of the budget by co-financing.

  • expanding the internal and external quality control system;
  • laboratory quality verification by accreditation according to EN ISO / IEC 15189;
  • publication of a book of case reports of patients with hereditary metabolic disorders;
  • the publication of two information sheets on the ICMP.

All project activities are interrelated and ultimately aimed at helping the target group.

The aim of the project is not only to increase the capacity of the workplace with an increase in the number of patients examined, but also to increase the quality of the diagnostic process, ie to increase the number of patients diagnosed.

The target group of the project are patients with DMP from all over the Czech Republic, who will be diagnosed in increased numbers thanks to the project implementation, and their families, who will be offered a greater number of genetic counseling and possibly after a precise diagnosis. and the possibility of prenatal diagnosis.

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism

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