European grants

Ecomobility in VFN

Code: 5220300151
Status: In progress

Project name: Ecomobility in VFN

Project start date: 1. 12. 2022
Project completion date: 31. 12. 2023
Project budget - subsidies for VFN: CZK 3,576,000 (from the basis for determining support in the amount of: CZK 7,152,000)
Project guarantor (workplace): Technical and operational section of VFN (Department of Transport Services)
Project Registration Number: 5220300151

This project is co-financed by the European Union from the Next Generation EU fund.

Project brief:

The aim of the project is to ensure transports in the VFN premises using modern technologies with minimal impact on the environment, while minimizing the costs of operation and repair of vehicles.

Due to the necessary renewal of the vehicle fleet (with regard to the reduction of emissions in the center of Prague), VFN plans to purchase 8 electric cars from the project - vehicles of the N1 type and 2 charging stations (the vehicles will be recharged in the hospital area).

Old vehicles will be replaced by emission-free electric vehicles of category N1 (trucks up to 3.5 tons). In this context, six vehicles with internal combustion engines will be taken out of service. From the point of view of the distribution method of short-distance transport, the electric car for the hospital is the most advantageous solution. 

The vehicles will deliver materials and medicines between VFN clinics on a daily basis. This is a delivery method of short-distance transport. They are planned only for this activity, throughout their lifetime. The lifespan of this type of vehicle is approximately 8 years. The basic advantage is zero direct harmful emissions of CO2, NOX when driving vehicles in the center of Prague. There is no need to worry about a large number of components and operating fluids that could contaminate the environment. There will be a reduction in noise. We will get a better environment for patients and doctors.

Vehicles and charging stations will be kept in the ownership of VFN for at least three years from the date of completion of project implementation and will be actively used for at least this period.

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