European grants

Electromobility at the General University Hospital in Prague

Code: 1191100109
Status: Finished

Project start date: 1. 11. 2020
Project completion date: 28. 10. 2021
Project budget - subsidies for VFN: CZK 920,000
Project guarantor (workplace): Technical and operational department of the General Hospital, Department of Transport Services
Project Registration Number: 1191100109

The project is co-financed by the National Environment Program
within the call of the NPŽP 11 / 2019–5.2 A Support of alternative modes of transport.

Project brief:

The aim of the project is to ensure transports in the VFN premises using modern technologies with minimal impact on the environment, while minimizing the costs of operation and repair of vehicles.

The subject of the project is the acquisition of two vehicles powered by electric category N1 and two smart charging stations for VFN in Prague. Newly acquired vehicles will be used to transport laundry, food, medicine and other materials between hospital buildings. The vehicles will be recharged directly on the hospital premises.

The implementation of the project will contribute to the reduction of the emission load from road transport and education within the use of alternative propulsion in road transport.

In terms of short-distance delivery, the electric car is based
for the hospital as the most advantageous solution.

The advantages are:

  • quiet running of the vehicle, smooth acceleration uninterrupted by shifting, the vehicle does not have a classic transmission, but only a reduction gear from the electric motor to the wheels;
  • zero emissions, which is a great benefit in the center of Prague today;
  • cheaper operation, vehicles will be charged directly in the VFN premises;

Other advantages of a financial nature include the fact that the electric car can currently be parked free of charge in Prague's blue and purple zones for residential and mixed parking.

Electric cars can also do without a highway sign, there is no road tax. From the point of view of service, they do not need oil changes, they last longer brakes, because they are more often braked by recuperation, ie by an electric motor.

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