European grants

Kindergarten in VFN

Code: CZ.03.01.02/00/22_034/0001350
Status: In progress

Project name: Kindergarten in VFN

Project start date: 1.1.2023
Project completion date: 31.12.2024
Project budget: 4,539,381.18 CZK
Registration number: CZ.03.01.02/00/22_034/0001350
Project implementer: General University Hospital in Prague

Project brief:

The General University Hospital in Prague won within the framework of Challenge No. 34 Financing the operation of children's groups in the public administration - Overview of challenges - Operational program Employment plus funds for the project "Kindergarten in VFN", which follows on from the identical project Operation of the children's group at the General University Hospital in Prague II, completed in February 2022.

The project supports the operation of a child care facility - a corporate children's group at the General Faculty Hospital in Prague, which serves families where at least one person is linked to the labor market and is therefore an employee of VFN.

By providing child care services at the place where the parents work, VFN will enable them to harmonize their private and work lives as much as possible. Thanks to the project, the conditions for the employment of people caring for children will be improved, and it will make it easier for people caring for a dependent family member to stay on the labor market for a long time.

At the same time, the project will contribute to the maintenance and stability of the existing children's group.

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