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Research on Substance Use among Ethnic Minority Juveniles

Code: EEA_A / CZ0046 / 1/0006
Status: Finished

Project title: Addictive substance use in children and adolescents from ethnic minorities and socially excluded areas with emphasis on transfer of experience on prevention and research methods from Norwegian partners

(Substance Use in Children and Adolescents from Ethnic Minorities with Emphasis on Transfer of Knowledge and Experience from Norway on Research, Development and Modification of Selective and Indicated Prevention Programs)

Project start date: 1. 10. 2008
Project completion date: 31. 3. 2010
Budget: EUR 150 000
Project guarantor (workplace): Center for Addictology of the Psychiatric Clinic of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague (

Project brief:

The Center for Addictology of the PK VFN and the First Faculty of Medicine is a member of the European Network on Drug Culture Research led by prof. Swensson from Sweden cooperates with various universities. Within this working group, a project for a sub-project corresponding to the subsidy program of the Fund for Research Support under the Norwegian Funds was created.

The project is implemented in partnership with the University of Stavanger in Norway and Palacký University in Olomouc. The General Teaching Hospital accounts for 10% of the budget by co-financing.

The main objective of the project is to gain experience with preventive measures, research, early diagnosis and interventions used to work with children and adolescents from ethnic minorities at risk of social exclusion and the consequences of substance abuse. It is a long-term unresolved topic in the Czech Republic of research into the use of addictive substances among juvenile members of ethnic groups and the related health and social consequences and their prevention (prevention).

The basic activities of the project are:

  • Implementation of a pilot study on research into the use of inhalants among children and adolescents from ethnic minorities at risk of social exclusion and gaining experience with substance-related research in children and adolescents from ethnic minorities. The conclusions of this study will be the basis for the design of the indicated and selective prevention procedures for the target group.
  • Obtaining Diagnostic and Interventional Materials Focusing Directly on Specific Substance Use Behavior with Respect to the Minority of Ethnic Minorities or Socially Excluded Locations: Identification of Appropriate Tools, Translation and Adaptation of Tools for the Czech Environment and Their Access to the Wider Professional Public .
  • Gaining experience with care systems, methods and research projects on substance use among children and ethnic minorities: traineeships, training / research strategies and methods used in this area with regard to a challenging target group, (target group search strategy, contacting) target groups, motivation to participate in research, selection of methodology, data collection, data analysis and their possible interpretation).
  • Development of a draft policy document for this research area and, together with the results of the project, forward it to the relevant institutions to support further research activities in the field and beyond the project, ensuring the sustainability of its results.

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Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

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