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Tumor Research Laboratories

Code: CZ.2.16 / 3.1.00 / 24509
Status: Finished

Project title: Tumor Research Laboratories

The project is implemented by the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in partnership with the General Teaching Hospital in Prague.

The aim of the project CZ.2.16 / 3.1.00 / 24509 Tumor Research Laboratories co-funded by OPPK is to create Research Laboratories of Tumor Diseases (VLNO) in the newly reconstructed premises of the Hlavova Institute so as to improve and expand the research activities of the Institute in the area of cancer.

The project will be implemented by:

  • Project start
  • Market situation analysis of required devices
  • Detailed evaluation of technical parameters of these devices, service conditions and price factors
  • Tender for the purchase of new equipment
  • Choosing suppliers with the best price / performance offers
  • Acquisition of new instruments (Transmission electron microscope with photographic and digital camera, Fluorescence microscope, Image analyzer - module for cytogenetics, including computer and monitor, PCR box, Centrifuge, Electrophoresis + source, Fluorometer, DNA integrated centrifugal concentrator with pump, Light microscope with camera 2x, Tissue microarray (TMA), Image Analyzer - Light Microscopy Module, including PC and Monitor
  • DNA isolation machine and tissue homogenizer for subsequent NK isolation).
  • Installation of these new devices in individual laboratories
  • Testing their function
  • Interconnection with existing devices into one functional research unit
  • Training the Institute's staff to work with new technology
  • Creation of a functionally integrated workplace for cancer research
  • Trial operation.

The project is being implemented from 1 March 2015 to 30 September 2015.

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