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Education - Rheumatology Team KDDL

Code: CZ.2.17 / 1.1.00 / 31564
Status: Finished

Project title: Education of the rheumatology team of the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine of the General University Hospital in Prague

Project start date: 1. 2. 2009
Project completion date: 31. 3. 2011
Budget: CZK 3,818,790.06
Project guarantor (workplace): Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine VFN (KDDL) - rheumatology

Project brief:

The aim of the project is to introduce a KDDL educational program in the field of pediatric rheumatology comparable to top foreign centers; through foreign and domestic courses and internships to deepen the education of 28 KDDL employees in the field of rheumatology care and thus to ensure the development of a comprehensive educational center for pediatric rheumatology for the specialization training of doctors and non-medical health professionals.

The project includes the following activities:

  • Improving the level of knowledge of professional English according to the individual needs of the individual members of the rheumatology team so that they can continue their education at foreign internships and invited foreign lecturers.
  • Preparation of an educational program for the staff of the rheumatology team (complete training program) and for other KDDL staff (practical and general part of the training program). The members of the rheumatology team will become the trainers of this field following the accreditation for education in pediatric rheumatology. The curriculum will provide them with systematic completion of both theoretical and practical knowledge in each field of study, with an emphasis on methodological aspects of education. The general and practical part of the training program will also be provided to other staff involved in rheumatology patients.
  • In-house training and training of rheumatology team members as future providers of continuing vocational training in specific aspects of rheumatology.
  • Training other healthcare professionals involved in rheumatology patients.

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This project is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

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