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Beginning scientist-researcher in biomedicine - General University Hospital in Prague

Code: CZ.2.17 / 1.1.00 / 32534
Status: Finished

Project title: Novice researcher in biomedicine - General University Hospital in Prague

Project start date: 1. 6. 2010
Project completion date: 31. 7. 2012
Budget: 1,689,585.26 CZK
Project guarantor (workplace): Institute of Inherited Metabolic Disorders

Project brief:

The aim of the project is to prepare first-time physicians of VFN in Prague (50 persons) for activities in science and research by transferring practical knowledge and skills. These start-up researchers will be ready for basic science and research activities, and then be able to engage with research teams and navigate the field. They will all be able to do so by completing a comprehensive two-semester curriculum developed within the project, led by highly qualified professionals with pedagogical experience who also work in practice.

In particular, the training program will include the following areas:

  • orientation in research types in biomedicine
  • basic principles of evidence-based medicine - ie, evidence-based medicine
  • the art of research searches for the purposes of scientific research,
  • use of ICT in scientific research activities (database systems, etc.)
  • planning of research projects and the use of statistical methods in biomedicine
  • Ability to use data and information resources to process scientific work
  • Knowledge of grant application procedures in science and research
  • Fundamentals of Grant Administration from the Viewpoint of Healthcare Facility Management
  • methodology of presentations of scientific-research data and outputs at professional conferences
  • practical skills in writing different types of science and research publications
  • principles of development and testing of new drugs
  • practical orientation in genetic methods used in biomedical research
  • legislation and ethics in biomedical research.

The result of the project will be a qualitative shift and streamlining of scientific and research activities within the VFN in Prague, while the course participants will form an intermediate step between the clinical staff and the pure researchers / scientists on the other.

A total of 50 people attended the course in two years of implementation, of which 41 start-up researchers were successfully supported.
Project Output: educational program.

Media partner of the project

This project is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

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