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Radiological physics in radiodiagnostics

Code: Radiological physics in radiodiagnostics
Description: Certified course of MZ ČR

The course is designed for:

  • for non-medical health professionals with professional competence to practice radiological physics.


Completion of this course is one of the prerequisites for access to the attestation exam in the field of specialization education Radiological Physics and to acquire specialized competence of Clinical Radiological Physics with special expertise in radiodiagnostics.

The certified course consists of a theoretical and a practical part.

In the theoretical part, the student will acquire basic knowledge in the fields of physics and radiation detection, the basics of X-ray diagnostics, computer data processing and radiation protection problems in radiodiagnostics and interventional radiology. This knowledge is further complemented by self-study using recommended literature during the course.

The aim of the practical part is to provide students with practical skills in basic dosimetry, in working with ionizing radiation meters, in evaluation of properties of X-ray devices, in radiation protection, in radiodiagnostics and interventional radiology.



Name of practice Duration
Compulsory professional practice

it takes place at the department of radiodiagnostics or at the department of radiological physics and radiation

protection in radiodiagnostics

24 months

Radiological Physics in Radiodiagnostics II

1 week

Radiological Physics in Radiodiagnostics III.

1 week

Compulsory supplementary practice

it shall be included in the total period of compulsory professional experience and shall be:

at a nuclear medicine department or a radiological physics department in a medical facility with a bed section for radionuclide therapy and equipped with SPECT, PET / CT, or SPECT / CT systems (an additional internship can also be performed at a workplace equipped with only SPECT and PET / CT systems in 4 days, and in particular in the workplace with a sleeping area of 1 day),

1 week

at the radiotherapy / radiation oncology department or radiological physics department at a medical facility equipped with a linear accelerator, a radiotherapy planning system, a verification system, and a brachytherapy unit.

1 week
 Teoretická výuka

is organized as a compulsory internship at an accredited department of Radiological Physics in

radiodiagnostice I.

1 week
 ANDbsolving recommended educational events

The total length of the certified course is at least 24 months.


Course date in 2024:

Dates will be set according to the number of candidates.


Radiation Protection Department of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague, U Nemocnice 499/2, Prague 2
Department of Radiology, General University Hospital in Prague, U Nemocnice 499/2, Prague 2


Termination method:

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.


Course price:

 CZK 60,000

The participation of an employee of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague is 1000 CZK


Expert guarantor:

Ing. Simona Borovickova, Ph.D.


Sign in contact:

M.Sc. Petra Hajšmanová, phone: 22496 9293, e-mail:



You can apply for the course by completing the course application form.

Please send filled-in applications to:

M.Sc. Petra Hajšmanová
OV VFN in Prague
Na Bojišti 1
120 00 Prague 2

or electronically to:

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