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Code: Sanitář
Description: Accredited qualification course
Accredited qualification course for professional qualification

Form of education:

  • daily


Course Objective:

An accredited qualification course prepares individuals to acquire the profession of sanitary profession for activities in preventive, curative, rehabilitative, urgent, diagnostic, dispensary, laboratory, pharmacy and autopsy departments, including those providing highly specialized nursing care, where they will perform their profession under professional supervision or direct management of health professionals qualified to pursue the profession without professional supervision.


Entry requirements:

  • completed basic education
  • good health
  • at the age of 18 years


Graduate Application:

The graduate of the course can carry out his / her profession in the field of health care, where he / she will participate in the provision of health care in health care facilities in the areas of preventive, curative, rehabilitative, urgent, diagnostic, dispensary, laboratory, under the professional supervision of a health care professional. pharmacy care and autopsy departments. At the same time, under the direct guidance of a healthcare professional qualified to pursue a profession without professional supervision, he may pursue his occupation in highly specialized nursing care.



  • 4 weeks of theory (100 hours of theoretical and theoretical-practical training and 80 hours of practical training)



Course dates in the 2nd half of 2022:

05. 09. - 30. 09. 2022 - theory, theoretical-practical part
11. 10. 2022 - final exam




Department of Education, University Hospital in Prague, Na Bojišti 1, 128 00 Prague 2


Termination method:

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which will acquire professional competence to practice the profession of ambulance.



CZK 10,000

The VFN employee's participation is CZK 1,000.


Course guarantor:

Miluse Dvorackova, IV. internal clinic VFN


Contact to sign up for:

Prof. PhDr. Jana Endlicherová, phone: +420 22496 9509, e-mail:



You can apply for the course by completing the course applications.

Please send filled-in applications to:

Prof. PhDr. Jana Endlicherová
OV VFN in Prague
Na Bojišti 1
120 00 Prague 2

or electronically to:

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