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Specialized education in the field of Intensive Care in Pediatrics and Neonatology

Code: Intensive care in pediatrics and neonatology
Description: Specialization education of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Applicants for inclusion in SV in the field of Intensive Care in Pediatrics and Neonatology:

1) fill in electronically Application for inclusion in specialization education,

2) prints the application and sends it to NCO NZO via its employer (the employee of the General Teaching Hospital sends a request with the superior of the employee to the Department of Education).

After printing the application, be sure to indicate on page 2 in which accredited facility you are interested in studying.

Prerequisites and co-requisites The condition for inclusion in specialized education in the field of Intensive Care in Paediatrics is the acquisition of professional competence baby sisters or general nurses and specialized competences to practice the profession of nurse.

The training program includes a basic module (ZM) and a professional module (OM), with each module being completed by assessing the level of learning outcomes achieved.


VFN accreditation scope:

Theoretical and practical part of the educational program.


Timetable and Specialization Education Cost:

Intensive care in paediatrics
Module Name Length Price
ZM Organizational and methodical management of specialized nursing care 1 week theory theory: CZK 3,500
OM 1 Intensive care in paediatrics

2 weeks of theory

2-3 weeks practice

theory: 7,000 CZK

practice: 450 CZK / day

OM 2 Intensive care in neonatology

2 weeks of theory

2-3 weeks practice

theory: 7,000 CZK

practice: 450 CZK / day

OM 3 Diagnostic, therapeutic and nursing interventions in anesthesia and intensive medicine in children

2 weeks of theory

2 weeks of practice

theory: CZK 3,500

practice: 450 CZK / day

Total price of the theoretical part: CZK 21,000

VFN employee participation: 0, - CZK


Event date 2023:

The term will be determined by the number of candidates.



The theoretical and practical part of the specialized education will take place at the KDDL and at the neonatology department of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the General Teaching Hospital.


Prerequisites for passing the exam:

  • Completion of theoretical and practical training, including completion of the required professional experience in an accredited facility confirmed in the study card and fulfillment of the performance included in the training program confirmed by the assigned supervisor
  • Profession in the relevant field of specialization education at least 1 year from the last 6 years to a minimum of ½ weekly working time or at least 2 years at least one fifth of the weekly working time set by the date of enrollment.


Study Guarantors:

MUDr. Václav Vobruba
Mgr. Martina Bašková (Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine)
prof. MUDr. Richard Plavka, DrSc.
Jana Šimková Bc. Michaela Kolářová (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neonatology Department)


Contact to sign up for:

Prof. PhDr. Jana Endlicherová, phone: +420 22496 9509, e-mail:
Mgr. Martina Bašková, phone: +420 22496 7781, e-mail:

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