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Specialized Education in Intensive Care

Code: Intensive care
Description: Specialization education of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic


Applicant for Intensive Care:

1) fill in electronically Application for inclusion in specialization education,

2) prints the application and sends it to NCO NZO via its employer (the employee of the General Teaching Hospital sends a request with the superior of the employee to the Department of Education).

After printing the application, be sure to indicate on page 2 in which accredited facility you are interested in studying.

Specialization education in the field of Intensive Care replaces the training program in the field of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care (ARIP).

The training program includes a core module (ZM) and vocational modules (OM), with the completion of each module being realized by evaluating the level of learning outcomes achieved. Midwives and paramedics can also enter OM 1 and OM 2, and these modules are then included in the Intensive Care in Midwifery and Emergency Medicine specialization training.


VFN accreditation scope:

Theoretical and practical part of the educational program.


Timetable and Specialization Education Cost:

Intensive care
Module  Name Length Price


The role of a specialist in the provision of health services 24 hours of theory  theory: 3500 CZK
OM 1  Basics of intensive care medicine

2 weeks of theory 

1 week practice 

theory: 7,000 CZK

OM 2  Intensive care in clinical disciplines 

2 weeks of theory

2 weeks of practice 

theory: 7,000 CZK
OM 3  Diagnostic, therapeutic and nursing procedures in anesthesiology and intensive medicine 

1 week theory

1 week practice 

theory: CZK 3,500


OM 4  Selected critical states in intensive medicine 

1 week theory

1 week practice 

theory: CZK 3,500


OM 5  Anesthesiology and algesiology

1 week practice

1 week practice 

experience: CZK 3,500
OM 6

Professional practice at an accredited facility

2 weeks of practice practice: 450 CZK / day

Total price of the theoretical part: CZK 28,000

VFN employee participation: 0, - CZK


Module dates in the 2nd half of 2022:

03. 10 – 07. 10. 2022 ZM: The role of a specialist in the provision of health services
31. 10. – 11. 11. 2022  OM1: Basics of intensive care medicine
03. 10. - 07. 10. 2022 OM5: Anesthesiology and algesiology



The theoretical part: Education Department, Na Bojišti 1, Prague 2
                          KARIM VFN, U Nemocnice 499/2, Prague 2.

Practical part:   it takes place at accredited clinical workplaces of the General Teaching Hospital and at its own home office.


Prerequisites for passing the exam:

  • Completion of theoretical and practical training, including completion of the required professional experience in an accredited facility confirmed in the study card and fulfillment of the performance included in the training program confirmed by the assigned supervisor

  • Profession in the relevant field of specialization education at least 1 year from the last 6 years to a minimum of ½ weekly working time or at least 2 years at least one fifth of the weekly working time set by the date of enrollment.


Study Guarantors:

doc. MUDr. Martin Stříteský, CSc., Head of KARIM VFN in Prague
Prof. PhDr. Ondřej Ulrych, deputy nurse, KARIM VFN in Prague


 TOontakt to sign up for action:

Mgr. Eva Widzová, phone: 22496 9293, e-mail:
Prof. PhDr. Ondřej Ulrych, phone: +420 22496 2262, e-mail:

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