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Specific care for a patient with multiple sclerosis - a practical part

Code: Specific care for a patient with multiple sclerosis - practical part
Description: Certified course of MZ ČR

The aim of the course is to prepare a general nurse (general nurse) for performing narrowly defined activities in providing nursing care to patients with MS so that he / she is able to orientate himself / herself in the given issue, at the same time he / she is equipped with the competencies necessary to provide nursing care this group of patients.


Entry requirements:

  • acquiring professional qualifications to practice the profession of general nurse,
  • performance of min. 3 years.



Total hours: 80 hours. 


Course date in 2021:

The term will be determined by the number of candidates.



Practical lessons are realized in the departments of the Department of Neurology of the General Teaching Hospital, Kateřinská 30, 128 21 Prague 2 and one day of the practical part in the home of st. Joseph in Žirč.


Termination method:

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.


Course price:

CZK 18,000

The VFN employee's participation is CZK 3,600


Expert guarantor:

Theoretical part: prof. MUDr. Eva Havrdova, CSc. - Department of Neurology, General Teaching Hospital

Practical part: doc. MUDr. Dana Horáková - Department of Neurology, General Teaching Hospital


Contact person:

Jan Ševčík Bc. Lenka Pyciaková, phone: +420 22496 6314, e-mail: 



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