17. 5. 2023

Albert Day

Team competitions on exercise bikes, the opportunity to try out specially modified outdoor bikes, bouncers, electric wheelchair drives, stair climbers, electrostimulators, orthoses, familiarization with the rehabilitation of patients after brain injuries and cerebrovascular accidents - all this will be offered by the Albert Day. The second year of the educational event, which is organized by the VFN Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK, the general benefit company Rehalb and the Cesta za snem association, will take place on Thursday, May 18, 2023 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the intersection of Albertov and Studničkova streets, Prague 2 . Free entry!

The patronage of the event was taken over by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSV) and the City of Prague 2. Albert Day will be visited by the deputy of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the management of the employment section PhDr. Kateřina Štěpánková, Mayor of Prague 2 Ing. Alexandra Udženija, prof. JUDr. Jan Kuklík, DrSc., vice-rector of the UK, director of the VFN prof. MD David Feltl, Ph.D., MBA, and dean of the 1st Faculty of Economics, UK, prof. MD Martin Vokurka, CSc. The event will be presented by the well-known TV presenter Karel Voříšek.

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