2. 10. 2023

Visit us at Blesk Ordinaci

Deník Blesk, in cooperation with the General Health Insurance Company and the General Faculty Hospital in Prague, is organizing the next edition of Blesk Ordinace. The goal of this preventive and educational event for the public is to increase interest in one's own health and prevent a number of serious diseases. This year, our hospital has prepared 13 stations where those interested can have their blood pressure, blood sugar level, and intraocular pressure checked. Find out how much lung capacity you have, whether your birthmarks are harmless. You will be able to talk to our clinical psychologist about your concerns and test yourself to see if you are at risk of depression or burnout. Our specialists will advise visitors to the event on how to improve their lifestyle, fitness and body composition, you will learn whether the amount of medication you regularly take is in order and whether one medication reduces the effects of another. Smokers, vapers or people using other forms of nicotine can stop by the booth of the VFN Center for Tobacco Addictions and ask about options for quitting.

New to this year's Blesk Ordinace are three stations: a gynecologist's and oncologist's consultation room, where women can talk about the prevention of serious gynecological diseases (for example, vaccination against HPV, prevention of uterine cancer); consulting room of a pediatric obesitologist and endocrinologist, who will advise parents on how to adjust their child's diet and exercise to prevent disproportionate weight gain. You can find out where to turn if you are not sure whether your child is developing properly in speech at the counseling center dedicated to the issue of speech disorders.

Blesk Ordinace will traditionally present a number of experts from our hospital in live performances during the afternoon, you can look forward to the accompanying program. Definitely visit the event, take advantage of the opportunity to be examined for free and without an appointment!

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