14. 4. 2022

A unique course for doctor's managers!

A unique management and leadership course for physicians is organized by the General Hospital in Prague. It is intended for doctors of all specialties. What does it offer graduates?

  • You will master working techniques, thanks to which you will simplify your work and increase your team's management efficiency,
  • you will learn to delegate tasks correctly, make the right managerial decisions and work effectively with the potential of the whole team and its individual members,
  • you will get up-to-date information from the field of health care legislation, you will complete an overview of the methods of health care reimbursement, managerial accounting and tools for monitoring the management of the clinic or department.


  • Tuesday 7. 6. 2022 + Tuesday 14. 6. 2022


  • The capacity of the course is limited to a maximum of 20 people

More information about the course and registration options find it here.

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