17. 5. 2023

Open House Prague also in our hospital

The ninth year of the festival will take place on May 20 and 21 and will offer spaces in 109 buildings. During the guided tour, you can also visit two places in the VFN!

The Festival of Urban Architecture traditionally offers interesting spaces that cannot normally be entered, but also a rich accompanying program. It includes guided walks through Prague, lectures and discussions. Tours of the buildings are free on the weekend so that anyone interested can see the architectural gems of the capital. Our hospital is opening two spaces this year: The central boiler room by Karel Prager from 1993 and the Ceramic Lounge by Jan Kotěra, which was created at the beginning of the 20th century. The unique Brutalist building of the central boiler room still supplies heat to the entire hospital today, and visitors can view its technical facilities during a guided tour. The unique space is housed in the Neo-Renaissance building Na Bojišti, which houses, for example, the VFN Occupational Medicine Clinic. Jan Kotěra's ceramic lounge is decorated with colorful and original tiling, ornamental paving, stained glass windows and a fountain with a sculpture of Women above the spring. Tours start from 10 am. You can find a detailed program of the festival at www.openhousepraha.cz/festival-2023

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