25. 10. 2021

Polka dot day - support patients with psoriasis!

On the occasion of World Psoriasis Day (October 29), an awareness campaign called Polka Dot Day is taking place this year as well. It is backed by a non-profit organization Revenium. Its aim is to inform the public about the nature of this chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease of the whole organism. The public should know that psoriasis is not infectious, there is no reason to shy away from patients and refuse it in any way. It can be treated, but unfortunately not yet completely cured.

Join the challenge and support patients by wearing clothes, accessories or just socks with polka dots on Friday, October 29. But you can support them now by buying polka dot socks or Igráčeks with polka dots for children. Proceeds from the sale will go to support children with psoriasis and their families. More info can be found here:


Thank you!

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