28. 5. 2024

World Multiple Sclerosis Day

Traditionally, on May 30 at VFN, we will support patients with multiple sclerosis. By planting sunflowers and giving lectures about the disease, this time on the topic of diagnosis.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day annually draws attention to this autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. It damages the protective covering of nerve fibers in the spinal cord and brain. In the Kateřinská Garden, medical staff from our hospital, together with the MSREHAB zs association and the IMPULS Foundation, will plant sunflowers as an expression of support for patients and their families. This year, specialists from the Neurological Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK and VFN focused on the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, who prepared a series of lectures for those interested. They will take place in the afternoon in the large auditorium of the neurological clinic at Kateřinská 30. You can find the detailed program in invitation card.

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