4. 5. 2023

Temporary closure of the VFN Urology Clinic!

From May 10, 2023, the operation of the urology clinic will be completely closed for at least one month. Acute outpatient care will not be provided at this time!

The closure of ambulances, all inpatient departments, including operating theaters, is related to the reconstruction and modernization of operating theaters and the installation of a robotic operating system (Da Vinci). The introduction of new technologies and greater comfort for patients will require a short-term limitation of the operating program (including the shift of operation dates) and outpatient operations.

The clinic building will be completely closed from 5/10 to at least 6/5/2023. Both outpatient and all inpatient wards, including operating rooms.

The reduced number of beds for adult and pediatric patients will be moved to the building of the Clinic of Pediatrics and Hereditary Metabolic Disorders (Ke Karlovu 2, Prague 2).

Urgent (and oncological) urological operations will be performed at other workplaces of the General University Hospital in Prague.

Outpatient urological care - ACUTE - will not be provided at all at the VFN at this time.

We recommend that you contact the following hospital departments with acute urological problems:

  • Urology Clinic Motol Hospital, ambulance - phone: nurse - 22443 4848, 4872
  • Department of Urology, FN Bulovka, ambulance - phone: 26608 2367
  • Urology clinic of the National Institute of Health in Prague, ambulance – phone: 26716 3522

or to outpatient urologists (the list can be found in the appendix).

Long-term and planned outpatient care – we will inform patients in good time how their planned visits will take place.


Please follow the information on our website, we will update it continuously and it may change!


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation


prof. MD V. Soukup, Ph.D., FEBU, MHA – head of the clinic

MD L Zámečník, Ph.D., FEBU, FECSM, MBA – head of the clinic

Bc. Jana Roubíčková – head nurse


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