6. 6. 2024

KARLÁK LÉCÍ – VFN presents a new campaign!

VFN Prague presents a new campaign, which the public and hospital employees will now encounter on posters in the VFN premises, in the corridors of clinics and clinics, as well as on the website and social networks of VFN. The existing VFN logo remains, as part of the campaign we add the slogan KARLÁK LÉČÍ.

The goal of the campaign is to show the range of health care that VFN Praha offers to patients. Not everyone knows how big the university hospital in the center of Prague is and that it includes over 40 clinics and institutes. Sometimes people confuse VFN with the abbreviation ÚVN, often people know it more as "Hospital on Karlák" and VFN doesn't really mean anything to them. The campaign wants to change that and connect Karlák and Prague 2 with the official name of the hospital. The campaign will focus not only on the VFN as a whole, but will gradually introduce individual clinics and institutes in a comprehensible and clear form. The campaign was prepared by the PR and marketing department of VFN Prague.

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